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Welcome to Integrated Therapy Specialists LLC1 Touching Lives Through Compassionate Care...2 ... Innovative Therapeutics...3 ...And Individualized Care4 Call Us Now And Book  Your Appointment!5

You Can Book Your Therapy Appointment With Us In The Following ITS Clinic Locations:

ITS-Gladstone Park, Chicago

ITS-Lake Zurich, Illinois

About Us

Integrated Therapy Specialists, LLC is a company managed by a dynamic team of licensed therapists with different specialties in the field of rehabilitation. Our team of rehab professionals has been certified in various therapy programs and has been continuously expanding their knowledge on the latest research and development in various areas of rehabilitation. Choosing your therapist is one of the most important decisions you can make. You want someone who is caring, knowledgeable, and accessible. Someone willing to take the time to go over all of your options and treat you as a person, not just a patient. At our practice, we pride ourselves on our patient service. We offer a knowledgeable staff, safe and proven procedures, and the latest in medical technology. We've created this web site for both new and current patients. It includes specific information on our practice along with general wellness information.

Our Mission

To provide an innovative and cost effective rehab care through evidence based practice, good ethical principles and individualized treatment to help our patients maximize their rehab potential and improve their quality of life.