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Employment Opportunities

Our Chicago and Neighboring Suburban Facilities Are In Need Of

 Physical Therapists
 Physical Therapist Assistants
 Occupational Therapists
 Occupational Therapist Assistants
 Speech Language Pathologists

Employee Benefits

Integrated Therapy Specialists, L.L.C.(I.T.S.) offers a wide range of employment benefits to its employees. Benefits offered may change from time to time. A full description of the following benefits is available in the Human Resource Office and Corporate Benefits Office:

  Health and Dental Insurance
  Life Insurance
  Supplemental Life Insurance
  Vision Coverage
  Paid Time Off
  Paid Sick Time
  Paid National Holidays
  Voluntary contribution to Health Savings Account
  Workmen's Compensation Insurance
  Short & Long Term Disability Insurance
  Professional Liability Insurance
  401 (k) Plan
  Direct Deposit of payroll

Regular, full-time employees scheduled to work at least 32 hours per week may participate in Integrated Therapy Specialists, L.L.C. (I.T.S.) benefits plan. Part-time employees may also be eligible for some benefit options. If you are interested in working with I.T.S., you can download our application form (click left image) and MAIL to 5946 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, Illinois 60646-5424 or FAX to (773) 775-6638 or Fill the Job Form.

Why Work with ITS?

Integrated Therapy Specialists, L.L.C. (I.T.S.) was formed in 2004 in Illinois. Founded by four therapists with different areas of specialties and motivated by the same goal to develop a company leading an effective & rewarding rehabilitation business program for its employees & improving quality patient care. Integrated Therapy Specialists, L.L.C. (I.T.S.) recruits and employs the best qualified individuals without unlawfully considering race, color, age, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, or disability except where there may be bona fide occupational qualification. This policy and belief also includes employment decisions involving evaluation, transfer, promotion, discipline, determination of compensation and/or benefits and termination of employment. No employment decision is made on the unlawful consideration of race, color, age, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, or disability.

As a therapy provider company in America, we at Integrated Therapy Specialists, L.L.C. (I.T.S.) have an exciting responsibility. We form a vital link between our customers, who need top notch staff on short notice, and our therapists and related practitioners, who can best help meet those needs. Our job is to efficiently and effectively match the talents of our teammates with the needs of our customers. Keeping both these constituencies satisfied and happy can be intensely challenging. When done well, our work should appear to be seamless and smooth. Yet any veteran staffer, recruiter, marketer or other Integrated Therapy Specialists, L.L.C. (I.T.S.) team member will testify that varying levels of turmoil, deadline apprehension, surprises and scrambling are normal ingredients of our everyday business world.