Skilled Nursing Home Therapy Services

We Provide Therapy Services to Nursing Homes in Chicago and Neighboring Suburbs

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Reasons to Choose ITS Nursing Home Staffing Services

 We Provide a Highly Skilled and Competent Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy Professionals in Different Nursing Home Facilities

 We Employ Various Specialty Therapy Programs Using our Evidence Based Practice and a Sound Ethical Principles of Care Such as:

Pain Management
- includes treatment of joint pain using different modalities and hands on technique to alleviate the pain caused by arthritis, soft tissue injuries and other painful disorders.

Wound Care
- chronic non-healing wound can benefit from different therapeutic modality interventions such as high galvanic pulsed current and selective debridement to enhance healing rate.

Edema Management
- swelling due to lymphedema and other ailments that leads to an accumulation of excessive fluid in an extremity can be managed conservatively through therapy.

Bowel and Bladder Program
- therapeutic exercise, biofeedback and electrical stimulation helps in controlling urge, stress or mixed form of incontinence.

Splinting and Contracture Management
- limitation of joint motion due to prolong immobilization or due to soft tissue adhesions, arthritis, etc. can be resolved through various type of therapy.

Geriatric Rehabilitation
- therapy can help put you back on track after generalized deconditioning and weakness due to age related ailments.

Neuro-Muscular Rehabilitation
- limited mobility due to stroke, spinal cord injury, or peripheral nerve damage can be managed by therapist through different neuromuscular re-education techniques.

 We Use State of the Art Electronic Medical Record and Rehab Billing Technology in Network with Popular Nursing Home Softwares to Ensure all Rehab Services are Properly Reimbursed and Organized Documentation

 We Conduct Periodic Rehab Costs Analysis and Regulatory Compliance Audit

 We Employ Documentation Specialists to Manage Case Denials and Appeals

 We Provide the Best and Competitive Rehab Service Rates in the Industry